You have landed on the website of Sky Unlimited.

Sky Unlimited is an aviation consultancy and -training company based in The Netherlands.

Through this website we would like to take the opportunity to give you an idea of who we are, what we do and how we eventually might help you.

Feel free to explore the site and might you have any questions and/or would like to contact us please use  the provided contact details.

Sky Unlimited has been established in 2004 in   The Netherlands by Willem Hemink.

Till then he had fulfilled several positions (a.o. instructor and examiner pilot, technical pilot, chief pilot) for several civil companies, -airlines and  within the Royal Dutch Air force.

It was through these jobs that he had become part in  an extensive aviation related network and  consequently had been asked to perform training,  test- and ferry flights for third parties. Finally this resulted in the establishment of Sky Unlimited, which through the years has evolved in the company as it is known at present.

We will be proud to become your partner in:

Aviation training,
(ground, simulator and/or aircraft)

Aviation consultancy,

Selection and/or training of people,
(pilot grading, LOSA, CRM courses)

Test, acceptance and ferry flights,

Pilot provisioning,

Aircraft management,
(technical and/or operational)

Or aviation business development.