Aviation Training


Sky Unlimited is specialized in developing and performing aviation training syllabi. Being it a full EASA type rating course or a custom made skill oriented course, we can help you. Besides an extensive hands-on flying experience our instructors know a lot about important subjects as cultural aspects, fundamentals of instruction, aircraft systems, CRM and SOP’s.

Some courses we offer are:

Type rating course, from ground school (CBT), procedures trainer, full flight simulator up to base- and line training on the aircraft. We can use a custom made syllabus that will be compiled in close consultation with the client airline/ organization or follow an established training program as dictated by regulations like EASA through a TRTO. Generally the former is mainly used for governmental and defense training programs, latter for civil airlines.

Command upgrade course, where we will prepare a first-officer for the most important move in his career to become the commander of the aircraft. After this course he will be able to master the challenges that come with the function like decision making, crew resource management, self-criticism, risk analyzes et cetera.

Upset recovery training/unusual attitude training, an aspect of aviation training that nowadays is a subject being discussed a lot. Newly graduates from the flying schools (the future commanders) lack basic- or even aerobatic flying skills compared to some years ago. Reasons for this are 1) the costs of flight training are extremely high and thus training programs are more accelerated and less real airplane hours are flown and 2) the job of airline pilot nowadays is more aircraft management oriented and less basic flying skills are thus required. Combined with the increase in air traffic the changes for an aircraft upset are increased. Other reasons for upsets are the daily- and routinely use of automation (flight-, power- and aircraft management systems), which failure can be cause for uncontrolled flight paths. Early recognition of the status of the aircraft and proper recovery techniques are vital in overcoming these situations.

Sky Unlimited offers these courses where we enhance these skills through review of aerodynamics, energy management, case studies and practical flying lessons on aerobatic aircraft and/or full flight simulators.

All supportive courses like CRM-, flight safety-, security technical training-, ground support personnel courses, if you’re looking for a course which is not readily available in-house we will search for the right professional to be able to facilitate your requirements.