Consultancy and flight services

consultancy-and-flight services

Sky Unlimited can assist and/or advise you in issues of strategy, organization, technology and operations where together we can make the strategy happen. We form a team with the required background and empower them to use the collected  experience to provide pragmatic solutions to complex client issues. We focus on real benefits, not theoretical. Some examples of consultancy jobs we are working on or have completed successfully:

-Accident investigation issues with international teams,

-Development and certification of an airline

(in accordance with EASA-OPS and PART-FCL) leading to issuance of an AOC. This included compiling of SOP’s, manuals, training programs and the like,

-Fasing out of a certain aircraft type after repeated technical failures including insurance issues and selection of replacement aircraft,

-Implementation of work and rest time schedules and analyzes of its final impact on crew cost on a scheduled airline service,

-Feasibility studies of a regional airline network to connect a major network including selection of aircraft type and –numbers.
Test-, acceptance- and ferryflights:

Sky Unlimited has experienced pilots and/or flight engineers available to help you in assessing the status of your aircraft, being it for sale-, lease- or return-to-owner purpose. The same accounts for maintenance test- and acceptance flights. If required, thereafter we will ferry your aircraft to where it is needed, no matter where and when. An owner that needs his aircraft repositioned after termination of a lease contract can be served equally. We basically cover all aircraft types, if we haven’t got own pilots available for the type we will find people with the right attitude, commitment, qualification and experience to do the job.