Operating/ owning aircraft


Are you looking into possibilities of operating/ owning a private- or company aircraft but are getting overwhelmed by what the business has on offer? Talk with us to get the picture clear.

We are experts in the field and can provide you with the best advice on what to search for and how to operate it. All in an efficient way, both time- and money wise. We can assist you with choosing the right equipment for the job that needs to be done, train the people, help you setting up the operational environment and all matters that will come with operating an aircraft but won’t be told by aircraft retailers. There is a full range of new regulations on its way to be implemented over Europe which will have a huge impact on operating private aircraft. We can help you comply with these regulations in order to guarantee a continuous operation.


We might as well free your hands and fully operate your aircraft of choice. This service comprises maintenance, crew supply, operations support and the like. You just tell us where and when you would like to go and we make sure this will happen, safe and on-time. Please feel free and talk to us in order to get all the information before spending your money.