Pilot Selection


Pilot provisioning:

Might you or your company need some more pilot capacity and are you not willing to hire a full-time employee? Want to avoid trouble with unions, high training costs, risk of illness or a non-competent recruit? Why not ask us to provide you with pilot capacity, being it for just one flight or a full years’ service, it’s all possible. We provide pilot capacity for civil airlines as well as military- and state aircraft.

Selection, screening, grading and hiring of key personnel:

Sky Unlimited as no other knows what an aviation organization expects from its key people, being it a pilot or a board member. Therefore we can assist you in the process of selecting the right candidate for the job. Services range from language skill evaluation to simulator grading.

To extend our scope in the area that goes beyond the aviation boundaries we have established a close working relationship with a company specialized and experienced in labour and organizational psychology.

On individual level they can assess people’s qualities using tools like MDI or coach a (newly hired) manager.  In a broader aspect they can review the performance of- and/or coach a complete management team.